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sunroom1Sunrooms & Enclosures


For most types of sunrooms and enclosures, a building permit will be required. If you have already hired your own designer, please fill out an Estimate Request Form. Upon your submission, you will be contacted immediately to discuss your request and be given instructions where to send a .pdf copy of your final drawings.

If you have not yet purchased your own drawings, please feel free to obtain a separate quote from our Architectural Design & Permit Services. If you purchase your drawings through a Renovation Co-op designer/member, you will receive an Architectural Rebate of up to $1500 that will be deducted from the price of the actual construction cost (if the work is performed by a member-contractor).

The Architectural Rebate will apply over and above any other subsidies or discounts that are included in your estimate.

Estimating Policies:

Please note that if your Sunroom/Enclosure project requires a building permit, we will be unable to fully process your estimate until your final drawings are available to us. As our standard estimating procedures include sending a bid request to numerous, selected member-contractors simultaneously, the contractors will not respond to the request unless they are assured that all of the “smoke has cleared” with regards to any remaining municipal permit issues.

If you do not have your own architect or designer, please feel free to request a separate price for the Drawings & Permit through The Renovation Co-op’s Architectural Design & Permit Services.


Heated sun rooms are normally built as front or rear extensions, and are supported by a solid concrete or block foundation with footings.


Enclosures are generally unheated and are built using aluminum excrusions. If designed and built properly, a front enclosure covering your porch and main entrance can add a clean look to the front of your home.

sunroom2Architectural design can incorporate flat roofing or conventional roof that matches the home’s main roofing style.