Regardless of the types and levels of projects undertaken by our member-contractors, it has always been (and always will be) essential that the quality of workmanship, materials and service offered to our registered clients will always remain consistently highno matter what.

But here’s the problem…

How can a contractor offer competitive pricing without negatively affecting such a high degree of quality and service?

Typically, when a contractor begins to overly cut pricing to accommodate a client’s budget…the project suffers. Corners are cut, cheaper materials are purchased, arguments take place back and forth, and everyone winds up disgusted and unhappy at the end.

Problem Solved…!

In 2015, The Renovation Co-op established The Subsidy Discount Program, which was designed to help Member-Contractors and Architectural Specialists maintain competitive pricing, without being forced to lower their fees, (which always reduces the quality of workmanship and/or materials).