It has often been said that “a front porch often reflects the inner sole and character of the home itself.”

And while we don’t know how true this is, many young homeowners throughout the GTA are putting a great deal of emphasis into changing and improving their front porch’s overall appearance.

One thing’s for sure…If you plan to sell your home,  or you looking to purchase a home…the front of the house is the first thing a person notices when viewing the home for the first time…and the condition and/or style of the front porch can become a critical factor for the buyer.

Porch Re-builds & Retrofits

Porch Re-Builds and “Retrofits”

In many neighborhoods throughout the Toronto GTA, the age of the home will determine how far you can go with renovating your front porch

Note: A building permit must be obtained before any work can be performed on the porch. This is strictly enforced by your municipality.

If you do not have your own BCIN Designer or architect, The Renovation Co-op offers a separately-priced Architectural Design & Permit Services

If you get your drawings and permit through a member-architectural specialist, you will receive an Architectural Rebate of up to $1500 that will be deducted from the final price of the actual work if it is performed by a member-contractor.

Open Concept

Open-Concept Porches

All you need to do is sit back in your rocking chair and observe!

Enclosed Porches