Kitchen Renovations


Basic Kitchen Retrofits

Basic Kitchen Retrofits

A “Kitchen Retrofit” is a kitchen project that does not normally require major renovations such as the re-positioning of plumbing lines or fixtures, tearing down support walls, or other structural modifications. For the most part, these types of jobs only include the replacement of cabinets, sink and taps, countertop, etc. (where such items are already standing.

A basic kitchen retrofit is a more economical way to renew your kitchen. However in some cases, it may be the only option when the expansion or remodeling of the kitchen becomes impractical due to the home’s limited structural design

As most kitchen retrofits are performed in smaller kitchens, more attention is paid to the type and colour of cabinets, as well as the lighting used.

Selling your Home?

A Basic Kitchen Retrofit is the perfect answer for a pre-sales fix-up.

Note: If you sell or purchase your home through a Co-op-Approved Realtor, you will receive a $15,000 Renovation Credit that can be applied (in portions) towards renovations performed by a member-contractor.

The credit is fully transferable and can be used toward work performed on either your existing home or a newly-purchased home.

Or…as an incentive to a potential buyer… your entire Renovation Credit Account can be transferred over to your purchaser. We will supply an official certificate for you to give to the new owner.

For further details, ask about The Renovation Co-op’s National Realtor Program.

Structural Modifications

Structural Modifications

Today, many homeowners are opting to renovate their kitchens with more creative, “open concept” designs.

If your existing kitchen feels small, dark and confined, most support walls can be structurally opened up or removed entirely.

Note: All structural modifications performed within your home will require a permit. If you have your own designer, you can provide us with his or her final, stamped drawings. However, if you do not have your own architectural/structural designer, we will be happy to offer a flat rate price for the drawings and permit process through The Renovation Co-op’s Architectural Design & Permit Services.

In addition, if you obtain your drawings through The Renovation Co-op, and you later purchase the actual renovations through a member-contractor, you will be eligible for an Architectural Rebate of up to $1500 that will be deducted from the final price of the renovations.

Designer Kitchens

Designer-Level Kitchens

Planning a full-scale Kitchen Renovation can become highly personal for the homeowner. For most families, the kitchen is typically the main room within the house in which the entire family gathers each day. It is an important social and casual setting, and plays a significant role within the home.

Our approved kitchen designers are considered the finest in the business, and regardless of the size and/or scale of your kitchen project, each and every one of them will pay strict attention to your personal tastes and ideas when creating a kitchen design

Basement Kitchens

Basement Kitchens

Whether you add a basement kitchen for personal use or as part of a Basement Rental Apartment, our quality cabinetry and installations reflect a high degree of professionalism and taste.

Estimating Procedures

Renovation Management Platform

To help its member-contractors and architects submit quick, yet accurate estimates to homeowners, The Renovation Co-op has developed a proprietary Renovation Management Platform that incorporates cutting-edge technology with sensible, step-by-step procedures that streamline and simplify the entire process for both member-services and homeowners alike. In addition, the system is designed to work with all types and levels of projects.

Member-Bidding System

At the core of this unique process is the Co-op’s cloud-based Member-Bidding System. This secured, online portal enables selected, member-contractors to place their bids on a specific project.

Step 1: Initial Site Visit

A designated, Senior-Level Contractor is selected to conduct a visit to the property, which includes personally reviewing the final drawings and the proposed work with the client, which gives the contractor a more personalized idea as to exactly what the client wants. The contractor then records and submits all of the information regarding the wo