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Please fill out the Contact Information Form below. If you need a permit for your project, and you do not have your own architect, The Renovation Co-op will provide you with an estimate for the drawings and permit process through its own Architectural Design & Permit ServicesTo request an estimate for drawings and a permit, please fill out an Estimate Request.

Upon your submission of an Estimate Request (contact information form), you will gain access to all Subsidy, Discount & Rebate Programs offered through the The Renovation Co-op. Note: No personal information is ever shared with 3rd parties. All client information remains strictly confidential

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  • Note: If you purchase(d) your home through a participating Realtor or Mortgage Broker or Lender, you may be entitled to receive a special $10,000 Renovation Credit that can be used (in limited portions) toward the cost of future renovations.
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