Adding/Renovating a Garage…

Depending on the width and/or depth of your property, a 1 or 2-car garage can be an important feature to add to your home.

First, you will need to hire an architect or licensed BCIN designer who is totally “up-to-speed” with the ever-changing by-laws within your local municipality.

That up-front knowledge will prevent a designer from wasting time by producing drawings that will not be accepted by the local examiner.

Note: The Renovation Co-op cannot process an estimate for the construction until the drawings and permit process have been completed. If you do not have your own architect/designer, please request an estimate through our Architectural Design & Permit Services.

We offer this service separately, which is not included as part of the contracting price. You own the drawings, and you will be able to obtain estimates from any contractor (including pricing from our own contractor-members).

Attached Garages

Attached Garages

Detached Garages