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Disclaimer: Neither The Canadian Renovation Funding Program nor The Renovation Co-op is a licensed mortgage brokerage company. As a non-profit advisory service, the program offers the Co-op’s registered clients free access to individuals who are licensed to arrange mortgages.

The information requested below simply gives our in-house credit specialists the ability to quickly identify the best course of action required to recommend the most appropriate Mortgage Specialist for each individual client.

Upon your submission, you will be contacted immediately to review your inquiry first.

Note:  You will not be obligated to purchase  renovations or any other services offered through The Renovation Co-op. The Mortgage Broker Referral Program is offered to all Co-op-Registered homeowners and commercial property owners. All information is kept private and confidential. See disclaimer below.

$2500 Renovation Credit

If you purchase or refinance your mortgage through a Co-op Approved Mortgage Specialist, a credit of up to $2500 will be deposited into your Renovation Credit Account, portions of which can be used toward renovation purchases made through The Renovation Co-op. (conditions apply)

Note: If you are not a registered client yet, the submission of this form will provide you with automatic, free registration.

  • To avoid having to play "Telephone Tag", please give us a time range of 1-2 hours and the best days. For example: "Mon-Fri 6pm-8pm" or "Any time between 9 am-5pm". If you prefer not to be called on Sunday or any other specific day: "Mon-Fri 9am-8pm No Sundays