Financial Services


The Canadian Renovation Funding Program is a free, non-profit advisory service offered to homeowners and commercial property owners across Canada.

Program Highlights:

* Free Mortgage Broker Referral Service.

* Fiduciary management of all Subsidy and Rebate Programs offered offered through The Renovation Co-op.

Program Management:

The program is supported through the Financial Services Industry across Canada, and consists of a select group of retired and semi-retired industry specialists.

Each of these individuals have enjoyed their own successful career within various areas of financing, ranging from Mortgage Investment & Financing to Institutional Banking & Commercial Investments, as well as Private Mortgage Lending.

Note: All registered clients are offered free access to this advisory and referral service, and are not required to purchase renovations or any other services through The Renovation Co-op if you purchase a mortgage product through a Co-op-approved broker.


Mortgage Financing