About The Renovation Co-op’s Estimating Process…

All estimates are processed through our Member-Bidding System (see below), which is a key component of the Co-op’s cloud-based Renovation Management Platform.

Renovation Management Platform

To help its member-contractors and architects submit quick, yet accurate estimates to homeowners, The Renovation Co-op has developed a secured, cloud-based Renovation Management Platform that blends cutting-edge technology with sensible, step-by-step procedures that simplify the entire estimating process for both the member-service provider and the client.

Member-Bidding System

At the core of this unique process is the Co-op’s cloud-based Member-Bidding System. This secured, online portal enables targeted clusters of same-level member-contractors to place individualized bids on a specific project.

See Preparing a Bid Request…

Estimates for Architectural Design & Permit Services:

All estimates for Architectural-Related Services are processed separately from General Contracting estimates.

This provides the following benefits:

1- Ownership of Drawings: By purchasing the architectural services separately, it is the client, (not the contractor) who takes full ownership and control of drawings. And while many contractors tend to provide the architecture and permit within one contract price for the entire project, our system enables the homeowner to freely obtain estimates from any contractor, including The Renovation Co-op’s own member-contractors. See Architectural Rebate

2- No “Guesstimating or Ballparking”: Each contractor must provide an estimate based upon the same set drawings.

3- Scope of Work: Unfortunately, many contractors are unable to efficiently provide a detailed description of the work to be performed (Scope of Work) within an estimate, as it becomes too time-consuming. However, The Renovation Co-op’s estimating platform enables all member-contractors to provide highly detailed descriptions of the project within each estimate. (see portion of sample estimate below).

4- Lowest Member-Pricing: With your drawings and permit completed, each bidding contractor will know that the project is “ready to roll” (instead of trying to guess when the project would be able to start). This will always have an impact on the price offered.

5- Architectural Rebate: If you obtain your drawings through a Co-op member-specialist, and you later purchase the actual renovations through a member-contractor, you will receive an Architectural Rebate up to $1,500, which will be deducted from the final contract price. This rebate will apply in addition to any other subsidies or discounts offered within the contracting estimate.

Estimates for General Contracting Services:

Completed Permits are Required

If your project requires a building permit, we will be unable to process an estimate for the work until we receive a copy of the Stamped Permit Drawings and a copy of your approved Building Permit.

Note: If your drawings are being provided by a member-architect, we will start the estimating process immediately following the completion of the final drawings, but prior to the issuance of the permit (which will save approx. 1-2 weeks).

Initial Site Visit

A designated, Senior-Level Contractor is selected to conduct a site visit to the property, which includes a reviewing of the final drawings and the proposed work with the client, which gives the contractor a more personal idea as to what the client wants. all of the information regarding the work to be performed throughout the project.

The “viewing contractor” then submits all details and comments regarding the project to our Bid Preparation Team.

Note: Architectural Estimates:

If the estimate request is for Architectural-related services, a Senior-Level Architect/Designer conducts an initial site examination.