General Contracting

Main Categories:

The Renovation Co-op defines General Contracting as the professional management of 2 or more unrelated, single-trade services that are part of the same project.

For example, multi-trade projects such as Basement Finishing, Additions, or Kitchen Renovations.

The Co-op offers 8 types and levels of General Contractor-Members…from licensed contractors who perform smaller projects totally by themselves, … up to Design-Build Contractors who manage the construction of large-scale, $500,000-to-$1 million+ Additions and Custom Homes.

However, one of the toughest things a homeowner faces when seeking a contractor, is the inability to precisely determine the type and level of work that a contractor performs on a regular basis, which leads to obtaining estimates that are spread out “all over the place.”


Quick Overview…

Basement Renovations

There is no question that when you add living space to your home, you increase the home’s value.

This is true anywhere across the country. However, given the sheer density of homes within the core of larger cities as Toronto, extra living space can become extremely valuable.

Whether you plan to convert your basement into a Family Room, a Rental Apartment or Home Theatre, The Renovation Co-op will provide the services of only those member-contractors who specialize in the specific type and level of work required to complete your basement project.


Kitchen Renovations

Whether its a simple cabinet retrofit or the complete structural renovation of your existing Kitchen, you need a team of professionals to get it done according to your own personal taste… not someone else’s.

Whether it’s an Economy or Designer-level Kitchen Renovation, all cabinetry is custom-designed by our professional showroom kitchen designers.