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General Contracting


The Renovation Co-op defines General Contracting as a Renovation Project that requires the professional management of 2 or more unrelated, single-trade services.  For example, Roofing + a Kitchen Floor, or a Bathroom Renovation + a Concrete Walkway. Normally, the combination of such jobs enables a contractor to offer “package pricing” to the client.


The Co-op has identified 8 types and levels of General Contracting that is normally performed on residential properties, ranging from contractors who perform small projects totally by themselves, (where critical, licensed sub-trades are brought in for plumbing, electrical, etc.)… up to Design-Build Contractors who manage the construction of $300,000-$500,000+ additions and custom homes.


However, one of the hardest things a homeowner is typically confronted with when seeking a contractor, is not being able to to precisely determine the type and level of work that a contractor may perform on a regular basis, which leads to different estimates “jumping all over the place.”

General Contracting includes the following types of projects:






As one of its main functions, the Renovation Co-op’s Member-Bidding System is designed to obtain estimates from those member-general contractors who regularly perform the same type and level of renovations required to fulfill the client’s request. see Estimating Procedures

As with so many professions within the industry, most experienced General Contractors tend to specialize in performing more specific types of renovation projects, as listed below.

Please scroll down the page to view the categories of General Contracting Projects:



Finished Basement

Basement Renovations

There is no question that any time you add living space to your home, you increase the home’s value. This is true anywhere across the country. But given the sheer density of homes within the core of larger cities as Toronto, such additional living space can become extremely valuable.

See Basement Renovations or:



large addition

Additions & Extensions

If you plan on building an addition or extension to your home, The Renovation Co-op’s member-contractors will work with you on a personalized basis throughout the project.

See Additions & Extensions or:



renovated kitchen

Kitchen Renovations

Whether its a simple cabinet retrofit or the complete structural renovation of your existing Kitchen, you need a team of professionals to get it done according to your own personal taste, not someone else’s.

See Kitchen Renovations or:



renovated bathroom

Bathroom Renovations

If you need to renovate your bathroom, the age of your existing bathroom may be one of the more important factors in determining whether to do a simple retrofit (change the fixtures only) or tear down your entire bathroom and rebuild it from “scratch.”

If you live in an older, downtown home where the bathroom is too small for your needs, a good design will expand the area without taking away too much space from the rest of the home

See Bathroom Renovations or:



renovated attic/loft

Attic Conversions

Turn your attic area into usable living space for a bedroom, study or playroom for the kids.

See Attic/Loft Conversions or:



sun room and enclosure

Sunrooms & Enclosures

For a Heated, year-round Sunroom or an Unheated Enclosure built on your front porch or in the rear of your home, it will be built to last!

See Sunrooms & Enclosures or:



attached garage


More and more homeowners throughout The GTA have been adding garages to their homes, which adds value, convenience and freedom from weather and street parking issues.

See Attached & Detached Garages or:





For a more economical solution to protecting your vehicle, consider the construction of a Carport.

From simple construction with a flat roof to an architecturally-designed structure that blends into the style of your home

See Carports or:



custom deck

Custom Decks

Have a professionally-designed deck installed to the front or rear of your home quickly and professionally!

See Custom Decks or:


custom homes

custom home

Custom Homes

For homeowners living in the core of the city who find themselves needing a lot of additional living space, there are only 3 choices:

1-Find an affordable, larger home within the GTA likely outside of the existing neighborhood.
2-Move out of the city altogether into a larger, sub-division home.
3-Stay put by knocking down the existing home and re-building a newer, larger one.

See Custom Homes or…