Adding a Carport…

If it is not practical to build a fully-enclosed garage (whether due to zoning/bylaw issues or financial considerations) a well-built carport can provides a great alternative.

* Full foundation not required: Most carports are designed with support columns. Instead of a full perimeter foundation being required, the columns are supported solely by Sono Tubes (large, poured concrete cylinders that are installed from the surface down to just below the frost line).

Choice of various roof styles: Top of carport can be constructed with simple flat or sloped roof. In addition, the design can incorporate home’s existing style of roof and extend over the carport (see examples below).

Will I need a Building Permit?

You will definitely be required to obtain a building permit before this type of work commences.

Note: The Renovation Co-op cannot process an estimate for the work until it receives a copy of the final, stamped drawings and a copy of the approved permit itself.

If you do not have your own architect or licensed BCIN Designer, please feel free to obtain an estimate for the drawings and permit processing through The Renovation Co-op’s Architectural Design & Permit Services.

Architectural Rebate

Although the drawings are sold separately, you will receive a rebate up to $1,500 that will be applied toward the final cost of the actual construction (if purchased through a member-contractor)

Types of Carports…

Estimating Procedures

Renovation Management Platform

To help its member-contractors and architects submit quick, yet accurate estimates to homeowners, The Renovation Co-op has developed a proprietary Renovation Management Platform that incorporates cutting-edge technology with sensible, step-by-step procedures that streamline and simplify the entire process for both member-services and homeowners alike. In addition, the system is designed to work with all types and levels of projects.

Member-Bidding System

At the core of this unique process is the Co-op’s cloud-based Member-Bidding System. This secured, online portal enables selected, member-contractors to place their bids on a specific project.

Step 1: Initial Site Visit