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The Renovation Co-op offers a wide variety of bathroom renovations, from economical Retrofitting to Designer-Level Remodeling.

Selecting the Right Type and Level of Contractor:

All too often a homeowner seeking a mid-range bathroom renovation will contact a large, full-service general contractor who (as an example) normally sticks to larger scale work such as additions, etc. The price quoted is likely to be quite high in such a scenario.

Then, the same client contacts a contractor who is at the opposite end of the scale, where anything beyond a straight bathroom “retrofit” becomes a problem, with the price for the work being quoted either too low or way too high.

The main issue to resolve first should never be the price, but whether the selected contractor regularly performs the type and level of service required to complete the project successfully.

This is the essence of The Renovation Co-op’s entire estimating process, where “Invitations to Bid” are sent only to those member-contractors who regularly perform the type and level of work required, whether it’s a bathroom, kitchen, or basement, etc.

If you require more space and want to expand your existing bathroom, we’ll get it remodeled it to suit any budget. And regardless of the size and/or scope of the work, you definitely want to get your bathroom renovations done quickly and smoothly, without unnecessary delays.

As per our Co-op-member policy, all jobs must start and finish…without interruption. This is the pledge made by all of our member-services and one to which we hold a very high standard.

As mentioned within other areas of this website, one of The Renovation Co-op’s primarily functions is to properly match up the type and level of work to the most appropriate range of contractor-members. This keeps all pricing within competitive ranges.

small bathroom renovationBathroom Retrofits

Basic Changes

If you’ve just moved into your home and the bathroom renovations require a simple “tune-up”, or if you need a quick “fix-up-for-sale”, an approved Renovation Co-op Member-service will get you “up and running” with your bathroom renovation from start-to-finish with no interruptions.

The term “Retrofit” generally refers to the straightforward replacement of fixtures without the need for moving plumbing lines, re-constructing or tearing down walls, etc. Such work is commonly performed as a “refresher” for economical reasons and/or to help sell the home.

Bathroom retrofits are normally performed within homes that are 20-40 years old, or where a previous renovation had been performed during that same time period.

modern bathroom renovationFull Bathroom Renovations

If you want to expand the size of your existing bathroom, we’ll remodel it to suit any budget. In today’s world, there is almost nothing that can’t be done.

However, there are several factors that will determine “how far” you will be able to go with your project.


Most older homes within the heart of major cities such as Toronto are notorious for having very “tight” bathrooms. Today, rather than simply replacing fixtures and tiles, more and more families are opting to perform structural modifications to expand the space in their bathrooms, allowing for more comfort and a degree of added luxury.

The Renovation Co-op’s designer-members are highly-experienced in creating structural modifications that will not only maximize the size of your bathroom, but will do so with strict attention paid to the flow of the design and how such modifications will affect the rest of the home.


If you need help in obtaining financing for your bathroom renovations or any other type of project, The Renovation Co-op has access to over $1 Billion in Private Mortgage funds arranged through a wide variety of participating brokers and lenders across Canada.

In addition, there are Unsecured Lines of Credit, CMHC Purchase-Plus Improvement Mortgages and several other renovation-related loans available at low interest rates and good terms.

For further information please fill out our Contact Information Form (Note: This is not a mortgage application. Upon your submission, you will be contacted personally by one of our credit specialists.)

sample building permitBuilding Permits

Many types of bathroom renovations require a Building Permit issued by your municipality. If you are already in the middle of applying for a building permit, we will be unable to fully process an estimate without first receiving a copy of the stamped, final drawings provided by your licensed designer.

The main reason for this is that our estimating procedures (see Member Bidding System) provide a 30-day price guarantee by those member-contractors who will place their bids on your job. There would be no point to submitting a bid unless the client is “ready to roll” and the “smoke” has cleared with respect to the permit process.

If you do not have your own architect, please visit the Renovation Co-op’s own Architectural Design & Permit Services. When you purchase your drawings through an approved architectural service member, you will not be obligated to purchase the renovations.

However, you will receive an Architectural Rebate of up to $1500 if you later wind up having the renovations performed by a Co-op Member-Contractor.

bathroom renovation with glass shower stallBasement Bathrooms

Depending upon the location of your home, you can add between $800-$1800 in rental fees to your income by converting your existing basement into a legal apartment.

Note: Although several municipalities have started to ease their restrictions with regard to basement apartments, safety still remains the single most important issue. Building inspectors and examiners are now being more careful than ever in reviewing architectural and structural drawings for this type of project.

Municipalities are recognizing that there are many inexperienced designers (though newly licensed) that have entered the field. And while the licensing issue may be resolved, nothing beats an architectural designer who has become more “seasoned” through years within the profession, and who has built professional relationships with municipal building inspectors, examiners and permit office staff.

All Renovation Co-op member-designers and structural specialists who perform this type of service are fully experienced in the process of obtaining a permit for a basement apartment.

bathroom renovation with whirlpool bathWhirlpool Baths

Custom-built whirlpool units installed in larger bathrooms. Complete with electrical &, framing and plumbing.

If your bathroom is small and can’t be expanded, try a straight tub-size, acrylic whirlpool bath. A perfect addition to your bathroom renovations.

Home Saunas, Steam Rooms/Steam Baths, & Hot Tubs:

These items are normally installed in A basement. For information see Basement Renovations

Notice: The processing of estimates for projects that require building permits will only take place upon the submission of final drawings by the homeowner to our estimating team. As our estimate procedures include the submission of a bid request to several member-contractors at the same time, the estimate/bid responses they send back are based only upon their viewing of your final drawings.

If you need an estimate for the renovations and you have already hired an architect to complete the final drawings for your project, please submit an Estimate Request or view our Estimating Procedures.

However, if you do not have your own architect or licensed design to provide drawings, please obtain an estimate for the drawings and permit process through our Architectural Design & Permit Services, which are offered separately as a convenient, cost-effective way for you to own your own set of drawings.

When you purchase your drawings through a Co-op member-designer, you are under no obligation whatsoever to purchase the renovations through our General Contracting Services. The drawings become your property, and you will be able to seek estimates from any contracting company.

However, as an incentive offered through The Renovation Co-op, you will be entitled to receive an Architectural Rebate of up to $1500 that will be applied toward the price of the renovations (if you purchase them through a Co-op member-contractor).

For further information see Subsidies and Discount Programs