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Basement Finishing

There is no question that finishing your basement will add immediate value to the home. And when it comes to basement finishing, the types of basement renovations are unlimited. And whatever type of basement project you plan to do, The Renovation Co-op will help you get it done within your budget

The Renovation Co-op takes great care in matching your basement finishing estimate only to those contractor-members who regularly perform the type of work required to complete your specific project. (See Estimating Procedures)



Full or partial

basement finishingFull or Partial
Basement Finishing

Whether you intend to turn your basement into a family room, fully-equipped gym, private office or rental apartment, The Renovation Co-op offers a wide variety of member-contractors who each specialize in specific types and levels of basement finishing.

If you are a “do-it-yourselfer,” we offer a series of basic Basement Finishing Packages that are limited to structural modifications, framing, plumbing electrical, etc.(mainly those items that need to adhere to building codes, etc.). By purchasing such a package, you can opt to do your own flooring and painting,etc. Request an Estimate

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basement underpinning

Basement Lowering
Basement Underpinning

Lowering your basement floor with underpinning or bench-ledging can add considerable value to your home. (especially within the downtown cores of most major cities, such as Toronto.) However, Basement Underpinning should only be performed by an experienced contractor who is properly set up to do such critical, foundation-related work.

All structural-related work performed in your basement will require a stamped set of drawings.If you do not have your own architect, please visit The Renovation Co-op’s Architectural Design & Permit Services.

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Basement Apartments

Basement ApartmentsBasement Apartments

Depending upon the location of your home, you can add between $800-$1800 in rental fees to your income by converting your existing basement into a legal apartment.

And while several municipalities have started to ease their restrictions with regard to basement apartments, safety remains the single most important issue. Municipal inspectors and examiners are now being more careful than ever in reviewing architectural drawings for this type of project. The municipalities all recognize that there are many inexperienced designers(though newly licensed) that have entered the field.

All Renovation Co-op member-designers and structural specialists who perform this type of service are fully experienced in the process of obtaining a permit for a basement apartment. In addition, each of these specialist has developed their own long-standing professional histories with the various municipalities. See Architectural Design & Permit Services

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Rec Rooms

Rec RoomsRec Rooms

Whether its a game of pool, a hearty ping-pong competition between you and your friends, a drink at your basement bar, or watching a great movie on your large-screen t.v, a rec room is a great way to spend time with your family and friends.

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Fitness Rooms

personal fitness roomsPersonal Fitness Rooms

Turn your basement into a partial or complete personal workout area.

Many homeowners are now opting to invest in their own gym equipment rather than paying high monthly fees for membership in a health club. Home gyms offer homeowners complete privacy, with 24-hour availability.
Options for building a home gymnasium are almost limitless.

Depending upon the drawings and renovated size of your basement, you can have your own elliptical machine, treadmill, rowing machine, bicycles, or whichever type of equipment you desire. No more having to work around your health club’s schedules and peak times, etc. If you feel like working out at 3 a.m., the facilities are all there for you, right in the privacy of your own home.

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Basement Entrances

basement entrancesBasement Entrances

Build a basement entrance through a side door or excavate below grade and install the entrance at the basement floor level. Steel entrance door is selected from builder’s samples.

Note: A basement entrances will require a building permit. If you have your own architect, fill out an estimate form for general contracting. You will be requested to submit the final drawings and/or permit documentation.

If you do not have your own architect, please request an estimate for drawings and the permit process from our own Architectural Design & Permit Services.

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Home Offices

home officesHome Offices

If you work from home, a well-appointed office in your basement can be a great alternative to working out of your bedroom or living room. A basement office can offer you additional room and privacy, and provide a more professional atmosphere to your business.

Based on the room available in your basement, we can create an open-concept style office or a completely enclosed “executive-style” space for your personal business needs.

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Laundry Rooms

laundry roomsLaundry Rooms

Many of our basement projects include the installation and/or refurbishing of a laundry room. Depending upon your personal needs, you can install a simple laundry room with just a sink and your appliances.

Or you can choose to install any type and/or level of cabinetry, flooring and lighting.

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Steam Rooms

SaunasSteam Rooms & Saunas

When you do your basement finishing, add the luxury and comfort of a custom-built sauna right in the privacy of your own home.

Sauna rooms can be built to accommodate your entire family and friends, from 1-2 persons to larger units comfortably seating up to 10 adults.

Steam rooms

Steam Rooms
Steam Baths
Steam Showers

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