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The Renovation Co-op

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About the Co-op...

About The Renovation Co-op…

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The Renovation Co-op is a professional membership of Renovation Contractors, Single-Trade Services, Architectural Specialists and related professional services.

The Co-op provides homeowners with free access to numerous services, including General Contracting, Architecture and Permit Compliance.

We are supported through segments of the Construction and Financial Service Industries across Canada.

All member-services are licensed and insured for their specific trade categories, and are carefully screened and vetted for membership approval.

Our Main Services…


Quick Overview:

Architectural Design & Permit Services

All drawings are sold separately-not as part of a renovation contract. You own the drawings and are free to obtain an estimate from any contractor (including an estimate through The Co-op’s own contractor-membership).

Rebate: If you purchase your drawings through The Renovation Co-op and you wind up buying the actual renovations through a member-contractor, you will receive an Architectural Rebate up to $1,500 that is deducted from the contract price.

Permit Compliance Orders

The Renovation Co-op includes specialists that deal exclusively with the resolution of Permit Compliance Issues.

If you’ve been issued a Compliance Order, our Permit Compliance Specialists act quickly on your behalf to resolve the situation with the municipality.