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About the Co-op...

About The Renovation Co-op…

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The Renovation Co-op is a professional membership of Renovation Contractors, Single-Trade Services, Architectural Specialists and related professional services.

The Co-op provides homeowners with free access to numerous services, including General Contracting, Architecture and Permit Compliance.

We are supported through segments of the Construction and Financial Service Industries across Canada.

All member-services are licensed and insured for their specific trade categories, and are carefully screened and vetted for membership approval.

Our Main Services…


Quick Overview:

Architectural Design & Permit Services

All drawings are sold separately-not as part of a renovation contract. You own the drawings and are free to obtain an estimate from any contractor (including an estimate through The Co-op’s own contractor-membership).

Rebate: If you purchase your drawings through The Renovation Co-op and you wind up buying the actual renovations through a member-contractor, you will receive an Architectural Rebate up to $1,500 that is deducted from the contract price.

Permit Compliance Orders

The Renovation Co-op includes specialists that deal exclusively with the resolution of Permit Compliance Issues.

If you’ve been issued a Compliance Order, our Permit Compliance Specialists act quickly on your behalf to resolve the situation with the municipality.


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General Contracting Services

The Renovation Co-op offers the services of dozens of individual renovation contractors within the Toronto GTA and surrounding areas.

Each of these contractor-members specializes in a specific category and level of the following types of renovation contracting services:

* Basement Renovations
* Bathroom Renovations
* Additions
* Kitchen Renovations
* Extensions
* Attic Conversions
* Porch Re-builds
* Basement Underpinning
* Garages

Estimating Procedures

All renovation estimates are processed through The Renovation Co-op’s unique Member-Bidding System. Only the best-matched contractors are selected to receive an “Invitation to Bid” for each project.

As a result, the specific targeting of the same level of contractors for each project helps stabilize all bid prices.

(For more information see Estimating Procedures).


Quick Overview:

Single-Trade Services


Direct Access enables homeowners to deal directly with standalone, single-trade service providers. Notably, this differs from the Co-op’s General Contracting Service, which involves the “hands-on” management of 2 or more unrelated trade services.

For example, you would hire a general contractor for your kitchen or basement renovation, which use several trades (plumber, electrician, etc.)

This service enables homeowners to deal directly with over 27 types of Single-Trade Service Providers (eg. Plumbing, Roofing, Electrical, etc). Furthermore, each participating service company or individual is licensed & insured, and has been extensively vetted by our organization.

Subsidies & Rebate Programs


Quick Overview:

Subsidies and Rebates

The Renovation Co-op provides a series of Subsidies and Rebate Programs that can greatly reduce your final renovation contract price.

Upon completion of each estimate, an automatic request is made on behalf of the project for any available funds that can be deducted from the final price.

Upon completion of each estimate, an automatic request is made on behalf of the project for any available funds that can be deducted from the final price.

Financial Services


Quick Overview:

Mortgage Financing


The Canadian Renovation Funding Program is a free advisory service that provides fast-track access to institutional and private mortgage loans. All loans are available across Canada through The Renovation Co-op’s participating mortgage lenders and brokers.

In addition to renovation-related mortgages, the program also provides access to over $1 Billion in private mortgage loans.

Furthermore, these funds are available for non-construction purposes, such as Debt Consolidation and Foreclosure avoidance.

The Canadian Renovation Funding Program also manages the distribution of Subsidy and Rebate Programs on behalf of The Renovation Co-op. For further information see The Canadian Renovation Funding Program


The arrangement of mortgages within Canada can only be performed by persons licensed to trade in mortgages. Furthermore, in its role as a facilitation organization, The Renovation Co-op neither arranges nor sells mortgages.

Financial recommendations made to clients are only done so with licensed mortgage specialists. Neither The Renovation Co-op nor its affiliated companies and/or corporations accept any liability whatsoever for consequences resulting from such recommendations or transactions between clients and such mortgage specialists. This includes delays or loss of financing that may occur as a result of potential issues regarding our estimating process.

Mortgage Broker Referral Program

When you purchase a mortgage product through a Co-op-Approved Broker, you will receive a $10,000 Renovation Credit that can be used (in portions) toward future renovations.

Note: You will never be obligated to purchase renovations or any other services through our organization just because you obtained your mortgage through one of our participating brokers.

All types of mortgage loan products, including:

* Mortgage Refinancing
* Line of Credit
* Debt Consolidation Loan
* Construction-related Loan
* Institutional & Private Lending

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Estimating Procedures

Quick Overview:

Estimating Procedures

Regardless of the size of the project, each estimate is processed through The Renovation Co-op’s Member Bidding System. This process, which is accessible only by Co-op’s member-services, offers a quick and efficient method of providing accurate estimates.

Bid requests are sent only to member-services that regularly perform the type of service required to fulfill the requested work. The lowest bid submitted by the selected group of member-services becomes the client’s Best Co-op Price.

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